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Water 2016

Clean water changes the world.

Here’s your insider look at an important campaign we launched across Canada to raise awareness about the power of clean water. We’re excited to share this video with you...

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World Vision Water Facts

  • Water makes you smarter

    Water makes you smarter: Dehydration decreases a child’s ability to pay attention and learn in school.

  • Water makes you stronger

    Water makes you stronger: When fields can be irrigated, crop yields and livestock production is increased.

  • Water makes you safer

    Water makes you safer: In many countries, women and children are forced to walk long distances to collect water, putting their personal safety at risk.

  • Water makes you more successful

    Water makes you more successful: Self-employed women can spend more time building their businesses than spending time collecting water.

  • Water makes you more productive

    Water makes you more productive: 80% of wells built by World Vision remain in use after two decades, helping a community continue to progress.

  • Water helps you live longer

    Water helps you live longer: Clean water helps hygiene and medical practices in a community improve, strengthening basic services.

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