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Supporting Schools, Developing Dreams

I love the textbooks because they help me learn. – Majeri, age 10, Uganda
"I love the textbooks because they help me learn." – Majeri, age 10, Uganda

In the grade 3 classroom of teacher Arnold Soweti, children are hard at work. They sit at proper wooden desks, writing in their new exercise books. They are studying essential subjects like science, English and mathematics.

Majeri, a bright energetic 10-year-old, reads eagerly alongside other students.

“I love the textbooks because they help me to learn English,” she says with an enormous smile. Like her classmates, Majeri is learning to read, write, add and subtract.

When the school was first founded, it was nothing more than a mud and thatch structure that served a handful of local children. But then, caring Canadians provided the materials needed to build a solid cinderblock school, with enough classrooms to teach children in grades 1-6. After the school was built, it was equipped with textbooks, desks, musical instruments and sports equipment. The items were purchased locally to support the community’s economy; all while helping children play, learn music and study.

“Without World Vision, this school would not be here,” says Simon Orit, chairman of the school management committee.

Orit and the school’s teachers are pleased that they are helping more local children access an education.

1.2 million books were provided to children, in 2013 % 2014

Just recently, the school built its very first grade 7 classroom, hoping to encourage students to continue their studies well past middle school. In just one year, attendance has mushroomed from 305 to more than 570 children.

Majeri understands the importance of staying in school, knowing that if she finishes, she will be able to earn her dream job later on.

“I like to go to school because I want to get a job as a tailor,” she says. I have seen tailors do very well and I also want to do very well so I can help my parents.”


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