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Hatching a Plan for Success

"The chickens are fun to feed and my dad says they help pay for me to go to school."

– Francisco, age 7, Honduras


In 2009, Francisco Chavarria dreamed of owning a small business. Thanks to chickens donated through the World Vision Gift Catalogue, hard work and commitment, ‘Pollos Renacer’ is a successful venture.

“I’m proud to be the owner of a business that sells and markets our own product in our own community,” he says.

Francisco started four years ago with 300 chicks. He and ten other community members formed a local association to sell eggs. To get the company off the ground, Francisco designed their logo and took on marketing and selling their product. On a bike, he visited small grocery stores to deliver eggs and promote their business.

But the market for eggs took a hit and prices dipped. Quickly Francisco and his associates changed gears and started selling meat instead. Since then, their business has grown remarkably, producing hundreds of chickens every month. Together they have sold more than 35,000.

Today, their processing plant employs 14 women and a business manager. For most, this is their first job. Even Francisco’s wife is leveraging her husband’s success, running her own fried chicken restaurant in the busiest part of town.

Their profits are invested in their children’s education. Francisco Junior, the oldest child in the Chavarria’s family summarizes; “The chickens are fun to feed and my dad says they help pay for me to go to school.”


Francisco and his partners plan to expand. They already bought new land to build a bigger chicken shed.

“We got so good that now people call the plant to put in their orders. We get some big orders for 500 kilos of meat.”

And now, Francisco doesn’t have to use a bike to distribute their products, he just chooses one of his two motorbikes instead.


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