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Delivering a Healthy Baby Boy

"My children now live in good health, especially my youngest son."

- Chem Chay


Chem Chay is proud of her youngest, a healthy baby boy. She credits her son’s success to her new habits.

"When I compare the health of all my children, I know the baby is different. He is so active and he’s so smart," she says.

World Vision encouraged her to deliver at the local clinic and supplied her prenatal vitamins.

"They came to my house often. I've received several packs of vitamins. They also helped me realize I needed to pay more attention to the health of my children."

So when Chem went into labour 18 months ago, she knew just what to do.

"I used to give birth like my grandmother in ancient times, with traditional birth attendants and delivering at home."

But this time, she knew better; "I decided to go to the health centre, because I learned it’s safer and more hygienic."

The changes didn’t stop there. After her son was born, Chem focused on breastfeeding:

"I didn’t breastfeed my older children because I couldn't produce enough milk. I sucked rice into my mouth, and then I hand fed it to my babies. But they often had diarrhea. They looked so skinny and had pale skin."

Chem wasn't doing well either; "I usually got dizzy, and felt exhausted for no reason.

"In addition to all the support Chem received, she also learned proper health care and good hygiene, which she is putting into practice to help keep the entire family free from disease.

"My children now live in good health, especially my youngest son."

With all the help she got, it was Chem who made all the difference.

"I really love my babies, and I committed to practicing what I've learned."


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