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Turning Tides on Clean Water

"I love the well because we now have good, clear water."

– Stella, age 9, Sri Lanka


Stella is nine years old. Her family’s new well sits in front of their humble cinderblock home and their latrine is right in back.

“Before, I had to go to the bushes to go to the bathroom and the children in our village would tease me,” she says. “The neighbours used to scold me when I used their well. That does not happen anymore.”

Her mother, Thiravidaselvi is also grateful; “We didn’t always have access to clean water. We had to use a neighbour’s well and it created problems.”

In fact, neighbours were often reluctant to let Stella draw water from their well. It was humiliating to beg and be refused.

Thiravidaselvi had other worries, too.

“To use the toilet, we would have to go into the jungle. In the daytime it is too open, and at night it is very dangerous because of the animals,” she says. “I worried about my young daughter. Girls should not have to go off alone like that because bad things can happen to them.”

When families like Stella’s lack clean safe water and hygiene, they are constantly exposed to potentially deadly diseases like cholera, typhoid and diarrhea. Receiving safe water and proper sanitation has given the family hope.

“I love the well because we now have good clear water,” says Stella. She is also very grateful for the family’s new latrine.

“We are a poor family. We could never afford a well or a toilet,” says Thiravidaselvi. “World Vision is helping us provide for our children so they can have a better life and future. “I wish I could meet the people who gave us this well so I could thank them. We love you so much for your kindness.”


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