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A Seed of Support

Barbra, age 11, likes to climb the trees and eat the fruit.
"I like to climb the trees and eat the fruit. I like the oranges for the Vitamin C!” – Barbra, age 11, Uganda

Barbra and her two little sisters are happy and healthy. They love the fruit trees in their backyard.

“I like to climb the trees and eat the fruit,” says the 11-year-old with a mischievous grin. “I like the oranges for the Vitamin C!”

The fruit trees have existed since Barbra was a baby. She’s been climbing them for years and has never once fallen. Her father received the seedlings years ago from World Vision.

“In the beginning, I got 50 saplings, which I planted,” says her father, 54-year-old Yuventine. “Then I received 60 more trees. And recently, I received 1,000 more saplings.”

The trees are a wonderful and steady source of income for Yuventine and his family. And he’s relieved to have a continuous supply of nutritious food for his daughters.

“My children eat the oranges off our trees and they get vitamins. When the fruit is ripe, we sell it and buy clothing for the children. When the harvest is good, I can get 22-23 bags of fruit from these trees. And each bag sells for 50,000 shillings ($20). With this money I can also buy good food for the family and medicine.”

More than 10,000 children and families received seeds, fruit trees and long-term food security, last year

Keeping the children well-fed, healthy and in school is Yuventine’s top priority. This small but thriving farm is a source of great happiness and this family is prospering.

“I was so surprised and so overjoyed to receive help from World Vision,” he says. “When life was really hard, you came along and you carried us.”

All Yuventine wants now is to help his children grow up strong and educated, so they can have a better life—free from poverty.

“I want to tell the people who helped me how happy they’ve made my family.”​​​


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